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A centralized database helps control the work process and stores the entire history of customer interactions. In this module you will find information about customers, call and correspondence histories. It doesn’t matter how many employees are in the sales department. It doesn’t matter if there is no sales department yet. The main thing is that you no longer need to store customer data in notebooks and EXCEL tables! CRM DIGA will increase sales and save important information about each customer.

Contact / Company Card

Diga HR will help you assemble an effective team for your business, track KPI indicators, assign tasks in manual and automatic mode, for the management team and for employees.

A calendar with several filters will allow you to create tasks and monitor their progress. Create tasks in a contact or company card and track their progress in real time. Using filters, you can view tasks for each specific user and for all at once, view tasks for the day, week, month. Dividing tasks by color will instantly identify the type of task.

Diga - email is a separate module for convenient and quick communication with clients. Synchronize with your mail, communicate with customers and employees without leaving the system. Customize folders and highlight your most important messages.

A new function has been implemented, you can add your contractors and companies to groups. Now all the necessary information can be viewed on one page, give out to employees available for viewing common documents and objects, projects.

The module allows you to create estimates without additional use of Word or Excel. Estimates may consist of headings, subheadings, dividers, compound works and articles. Indicate the percentage mark-up hidden from customers, which will be automatically added to each article of the estimate. The creation of template estimates will increase the speed of preparation of commercial offers and the productivity of estimates.

Data analysis is presented in real time in the form of graphs, charts and other types of reporting. In the main parameters, you can see data on the status of services, summary data on the sources of receipt of applications, the time of setting the status, the average time for compiling commercial offers/estimates and other parameters for correct and quick decisions when managing a business.

The module allows you to calculate the upcoming costs of materials, labor, transportation and any other types of expenses. It is enough to select the desired type of expenses, set the parameters corresponding to it and the system will automatically determine the exact value. Quick calculation saves time, eliminates errors in calculations, is convenient and accessible to everyone.

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