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Perform administrative tasks quickly and easily

Automate the logistics of the recruitment and adaptation process.

This will allow you to focus on giving newcomers a great experience and preparing them for success. You can also save time by setting up a structured process for getting information and paperwork on time. Additional opportunities to work remotely are becoming the most popular trend.

Define and manage your operations - set additional tasks for specific roles, offices, contractors, employee statuses and other criteria. Assign people in charge, notifications and automatic reminders to make it easier to monitor, manage and complete tasks on time.

The HR module will help you plan, control, structure and manage all processes related to employees, contracts, documents, movement of goods and salaries. All data is structured, easily accessible for specialists.
Optimize every aspect of your job with Diga HR

1. Improve the hiring process;

2. Attract and hire the best professionals;

3. Facilitate the search for reliable performers and talents to increase the efficiency and profit of the company;

4. Train and test remotely – employees, managers, managers, departments;

5. Control the work of personnel, analyze the performance in numerical and graphical form.

Create accounts for employees, increase communication capabilities, our system allows you to set up remote work, set tasks and reward employees in a timely manner.
Master remote goal setting and prioritization, create a filing cabinet and store personal data, official information, seniority and employee education information in one work environment.
With Diga HR, you can solve the following problems:
  • Sharing access to information, flexible access settings. Data protection;

  • Guarantee the protection and processing of personal data of employees in the event of the emergence, continuation and termination of labor relations;

  • Significantly reduce the amount of manual labor in working with documents, increase responsibility and improve the quality of personnel records management;

  • Form a talent pool based on remote video interviews, analyze the qualifications of applicants according to objective criteria;

  • Create technological and target groups of personnel;

  • Assess the effectiveness of employees on the basis of a personal approach and work in a group using KPIs;

  • Organize operational scheduling of tasks.
  • Engage new employees in a team with experienced staff and quickly establish interactions with teams;

  • Expand your business with automated tasks;

  • Effectively deal with the requests and decisions of managers regarding the hiring of new employees by department heads, so that all new agents have everything they need to adapt;

  • Manage personnel, contractors, departments, departments on the basis of providing a holistic picture of the process in dynamics;

  • Collect and structure metrics to find problem areas and make adjustments to continually improve the process;

  • Coordinate the work schedule of employees and site partners;
HR - manager
HR - manager can send letters directly from the CRM program, keeping the history of work in the program, and processing the documentation depending on the goals and purpose. To process new norms of labor legislation and employment standards, requirements for the organization of workplaces according to approved standards.
To administer payments to employees, coordinate issues of hiring, dismissal, leave or temporary suspension of employees, carry out technical updates, reservations, system development and keep all files up to date.
Automated systems for HR

Automated systems for HR are designed to minimize financial and time costs, which makes it possible to quickly use it to identify vectors of successful decisions, achieve common goals and personal development. Offers intuitive tools combined on one platform that reduce administrative costs, improve organization and overall employee efficiency, and reduce paperwork.

The employee card includes:
Module value
With various workloads on HR, a specialist may not have time to fulfill his job duties. Hiring an assistant will cost the company $ 300-400 per month, $ 4,000 per year. The system unloads the specialist, reducing time costs and operational actions, due to semi-automatic processes.
The company also benefits from faster adaptations in the event of dismissal of employees, vacations, etc. HR specialist will be busy recruiting new specialists, at least distracted by routine processes.
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