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The passiveness and unfair attitude of managers to work with the client is common in many companies. Thanks to the saved history of changes for the client, the responsible manager will be able to competently advise and keep his finger on the pulse, and not look for excuses. The system records any changes, allows the manager to analyze the service chain and evaluate the seller's actions in disputable situations.

As you interact with the client, you can leave comments in the card, which are automatically saved along with the changes.

A single database of contractors allows you to control the workflow and quickly make adjustments to the history of relationships with the customer. In this module of the CRM system, the history of calls and correspondences, the message, the date and time of their publication, as well as the name of the users who published it, are recorded.

Save important information about your customers that will help you implement various marketing tools to increase sales.
Question / Answer

Can the CRM system form applications from a website/Facebook?

— Of course, the program automatically generates a counterparty card based on a new client's request on the website or social network. The system fixes the referral source and forms a request for feedback on it, based on which the manager contacts the buyer.

For safety reasons, is it possible for each manager to have access only to their clients?

— Yes, the platform provides flexible settings for sales management. Determine on your own what information the manager can see and what not.

Can DIGA be used remotely?

— CRM system is a cloud server that does not require installation on a PC. Therefore, you can manage work with clients from a distance, having a laptop and Internet access at hand. Stay connected with clients outside the office.

Can the old base be added to DIGA?

— The old contact database is added in a few minutes. The intuitive interface will allow you to cope with the task without the help of a programmer.

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