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Diga - email is a separate module for convenient and quick communication with clients. Synchronize with your mail, communicate with customers and employees without leaving the system. Customize folders and highlight your most important messages.

Create template messages with automatic download of quotes and quotations.

Using this module, you can configure the automatic sending of email notifications when the status changes.

Message exchange;
Automatic client notification;
The ability to open in full screen mode;
Saving contacts;
Connection of personal and corporate mailboxes.
Flexible settings:
  • Skin - the appearance of the mailbox;
  • Interface language;
  • Number of messages on the page visible by the user;
  • The number of contacts on the page visible by the user;
  • Updating the message in the selected time interval from 1 min. up to 30 minutes;
  • Customizable time format;
  • Combine messages into chains, if supported by your mail server;
  • Save replies to messages in the current folder;
  • Enable desktop notifications;
  • Editing templates for auto notifications.
If necessary, you can connect third-party mailing services via API integration.
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