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Program Diga CRM is a time-saver for making more important, strategic decisions about the company. This is an opportunity to get away from multitasking, get rid of problems in the workflow. Create tasks for each transaction, identify responsible managers and set deadlines.

Diga CRM automatically creates tasks for sellers, at each stage of the transaction: a reminder to call back, send a quote, draw up a contract, offer a cross-product or service, etc. Following the instructions of the program, managers increase the chances of a positive outcome of the transaction, increasing sales volumes for the company as a whole.

For the ability to view daily tasks, a convenient calendar is integrated into CRM. Filter tasks by managers, the manager can check the completion of the task at any time.

The CRM system provides the ability to create special tasks:

Each task contains the following information:

1. Type of task: to advise the client;

2. Date and time: 07/16/2020, 10:10:08;

3. Description: call back the client;

4. Responsible manager;

5. Name;

6. Email;

7. Phone;

8. Address.

The task does not have to be tied to a specific service, you can leave a general description of the task. If necessary, for example: a complex product/service, add a description.
After you have saved a new task, it will appear in the list with other completed and current tasks. The unfulfilled task is postponed until tomorrow.
The benefits of task management in Diga
Easy to take over

All information and related documents for the transaction are placed in a convenient card. If the seller assigned to this transaction goes on vacation or sick leave, the colleague who replaces him will easily understand the essence of the matter.

Get rid of routine

Create various atypical tasks by building the process into a logical chain and reduce routine tasks, for example: prepare a commercial proposal or call a client at a scheduled time.

Attention to buyers

The developed script for each stage of the transaction will allow the seller to determine the client's need, overcome the objection and not forget to offer a cross-product.

Control over sellers

To see the manager's activity and the list of assigned tasks, it is not necessary to be in the office, because you can control it remotely.

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