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The module allows you to calculate the upcoming costs of materials, labor, transportation and any other types of costs. It is enough to select the required type of expenses, set the corresponding parameters and the system will automatically determine the exact value. Quick calculation saves time, eliminates calculation errors, is convenient and accessible to everyone.

Project planner - solves organizational problems, the more the company takes on new objects, the more new organizational problems appear, for the solution of which it is necessary to expand and retrain the staff for a more efficient and effective solution of the tasks.

The object and project planner module allows you to plan:

1. Finance;

2. Deadlines;

3. Materials;

4. Labor force;

5. Equipment

6. Tools;

7. Transport;

8. Project work;

9. Information on the movement.

With the help of the document designer, the user has the opportunity to create his own section or subsection, with the introduction of units of measurement and cost per unit, after setting up the system will automatically calculate the total costs.

As the company develops, the burden on management increases. Without a clear fixation and planning, there are many mistakes and shortcomings. As a result, the company will receive less profit, or even incur losses. We will help you avoid these problems.

The Project Planner module works in conjunction with 2 modules

Project schedules

In general terms, the planning can be defined as following objectives:

  1. Detailed planning - by components, labor, materials, fuel, equipment, etc.
  2. Control of production components at all stages;
  3.  Coordination of the activities of each division, ensuring their interconnection;
  4. Stimulation (motivation) of management and employees to achieve the goals of the organization;
  5. Providing the necessary information to all managers.
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