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User groups
For more convenient interaction with managers and employees, Diga HR allows you to structure employees by groups and departments. On the page, you can see information about the employee's salary and the total cost of an hour or group rate.
A new function has been implemented, you can add your contractors and companies to groups. Now all the necessary information can be viewed on one page, give out to employees available for viewing common documents and objects, projects.
Flexible settings:
Scopes of service statuses
By setting up areas, you save corporate data, specialists receive up-to-date information that relates directly to their duties, are less distracted and spend time on third-party processes.
Group leaders

When creating a group, in the settings it is possible to collect the necessary specialists into one group using the drag-and-drop method, after which, appoint one of the specialists as a leader.

Department or company

Our users often need to involve contractors in the work, as well as third-party companies and teams to perform the assigned tasks. We have implemented a function – separation of company departments from contractors, so you will avoid confusion and will be aware of the situation with your projects.

Access settings

Flexible access settings are implemented, the administrator or the head of the company can open or close access to create, read, modify, delete in a matter of minutes. You can configure access to the stages of work, thus, the specialist will be involved only in his department, without being distracted by other company processes.

Configuring access by section (type)
Services, tasks, clients, estimates, complex works, resources, add. estimates (price bracket), planning meeting, users, legal entities, logistics: requests for shipment, costs.
Setting up access to the workspace (Dashboard):

1. Can see prices;

2. Can use a time tracker;

3. Can watch timetracker reports;

4. Can see KPIs;

5. Show notifications about new clients;

6. Show notifications about new messages from Facebook;

7. Show offers by email;

8. Administrator;

9. You can view the financial calendar;

10. Can export data;

11. Can give a discount in estimates;

12. Can make timesheet and consumption.

Configuring access to sections:
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