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DIGITAL chain — is a list of statuses and sequential actions through which each counterparty passes.

1. Beginning;

2. Order received;

2.1 Spam;

2.2. HR;

2.3. Other;

3. Schedule a visit;

4. Send an estimate;

5. Negotiations;

6. Approved:

6.1 Rejection;

6.2. Insufficient funds;

6.3. Reset;

7. Plan the start of work;

8. In the process;

9. Payment;

10. Completed.

The status chain can be edited

Thanks to the flexible configuration of the DIGITAL chain, you will be able to adjust statuses and step-by-step actions to the realities of your business. At each stage, you can see the number of applications in the "Approval" status. Any status can be accompanied by an action, for example: when you select the “Visit” status, a task appears automatically, where you can specify the time of the “Visit” task and the responsible manager.

Keep up to date with events, connect SMS informing. Each time the status changes, messages will be sent to the phone.

To transfer information outside the system, the customer card can be printed.

Thanks to the DIGITAL chain, you control the service of each client, and most importantly, manage your sales automatically, without financial costs for personnel. You can attach a drawing, estimate or other document to any service, so that everything is at hand at any time.
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