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About the platform

DIGA platform is an electronic construction platform with convenient and functional tools for interaction between the customer and the contractor for the management of large and small construction projects.

Our Customer is an individual or a general contractor who wants to quickly and efficiently solve their construction issue

  • Publishes his project
  • Selects a profile executor
  • Signs an electronic contract
  • Controls with convenient tools
  • Evaluates the executor

Our Executor is the owner of a small or large construction business who is ready to fulfill an order as soon as possible and on favorable terms

  • Gets access to the list of objects by its profile
  • Participates in the competition
  • Wins objects
  • Creates a portfolio of works
  • Expands financial opportunities
Benefits of Diga
Complete relationship management
The best tools for delegating and managing relationships with partners, including collecting, storing and analyzing information
Planning and accounting
The modular principle of the ERP system covers the organization of all key construction processes and allows you to automate accounting and management at all its stages
Service promotion
A set of tools, using which you are guaranteed to increase your position in the service market and expand financial opportunities
Safe payments
The customer's funds are reserved in a transit account while the work is in progress. Safety is guaranteed by the safe service! No financial risks while working!
Reliable customers
Customers, like performers, have their own rating, which is formed on the basis of feedback and taking into account the total amount of payments for projects
Verified executors
Real ratings and reviews help to choose the best specialists in the field of construction
Additional functions

DIGA platform provides an opportunity to independently choose, connect and use only the functionality you need and the most convenient for you for the complete management of the construction process from the moment the order is placed until the moment it is closed.

All project participants will be able to see and control stages of the construction process anytime, anywhere using our ERP modules and Mobile App, Mobile App Team Time Tracker and Mobile App CRM Building Mobile App Team Time Tracker and Mobile App CRM Building

Working tools and modules

Time tracker
Project schedules
KPI page
Price fork
Financial calendar
Project planner
Access settings
Calculation of salaries
Consumption of materials
IP telephony
Supply module
Prices and modules

Tariffs and plans

All modules

Download the DIGA app - construction and renovation

For Executors

On DIGA platform Executors quickly and conveniently find orders for various construction and repair works every day.

All that is required of you is a high-quality portfolio in your profile, excellent knowledge of your business and high-quality fulfillment of partner obligations. This is the deposit for receiving the order.

It is very easy to get an order for construction work using the DIGA platform

Registration on DIGA
Register on the platform, fill out the profile
Filling in the profile
Place photos of the completed work, select a category and indicate the types of services that you want to perform and start receiving offers from customers
Search for projects
Choose an announcement and take part in the tender by submitting your unique bid
Getting the result
Confirm the terms of the contract for the performance of work, complete the order, receive payment and evaluate the Customer

For customers

On DIGA platform every day Customers are looking for reliable partners to carry out various construction and renovation works. The DIGA electronic platform is your step-by-step assistant at any stage of construction.

You no longer need to waste time looking for contractors to carry out renovations, home remodeling, waterproofing or construction work. On this platform, you have all the best contractors at your fingertips.

How to order the execution of a construction project using the DIGA platform

Registration on DIGA
Register on the platform, fill out the profile
Publishing an ad
Submit your project in one of the categories and receive offers from various contractors
Selecting an executor
Choose a contractor based on cost, portfolio, rating. Indicate your choice in the ad
Getting the result
Confirm the terms of the contract for the performance of work, complete the order, receive payment and evaluate the Contractor

Job search

On our platform, you can find a job in a construction company. Review posted jobs.

On the DIGA platform, hundreds of vacancies are posted daily for specialists in the field of construction, design, architecture, engineering, and repair work.